A South Florida doctor hailed a hero after saving a bleeding man on the side of the freeway – NBC 6 South Florida


A South Florida doctor says he was in the right place at the right time when he stepped in to help a bleeding man on the side of the highway over the weekend.

Jackson Memorial emergency medicine resident Dr. Miguel Ribe said he was driving with his fiancé Saturday night when they noticed the man on Interstate 95 in Miami-Dade.

“It was kind of an instinct to stop,” Ribe told reporters Tuesday outside the Ryder Trauma Center. “There was no one to pay attention to him.”

The emergency doctor said his training began immediately.

“It kind of takes you back to everything we’re learning here, and really your mind kind of goes on autopilot,” he said.

The first thing Ribe noticed was that the man’s breathing was very labored.

“He was choking a bit, and I wasn’t sure if it was blood or what it was, but just kind of holding the jaw thrusts and taking that airway pressure off, so that was the first thing I did,” he said. .

Ribe continued to talk to the man and keep him alert until paramedics showed up.

“I kept encouraging him to keep fighting, to keep fighting, to keep pulling me, to keep catching me – to keep him engaged until the firefighters arrive,” said he declared.

Ribe says the man was cleaning a bus and fell through the doors as it moved, hitting his head on the pavement.

Miami-Dade police confirmed paramedics responded after 11 p.m. Saturday at the I-95 off-ramp near 2nd Avenue SE, where they found the man who had fallen from the bus. He was transported to Ryder Trauma with a head injury in serious but stable condition.

Jackson Memorial could not provide an update on the man’s condition on Tuesday.

Although Dr Ribe isn’t sure how the man is doing now, he wrote on Instagram: “I really hope we were able to time it in time.”

“I was lucky to be there myself and my fiancé, I mean she was the one who noticed it – I think it was kind of in the right place, at the right time, sort of situation supposed to be there”, he mentioned.


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