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East Hill Medical Center

Each August, the Health Center Advocacy Network and the National Association of Community Health Centers promote a celebration of the 1,400 Community Health Centers across this country. Auburn’s East Hill Medical Center and its practices are proud to be part of it. This year, the celebration will take place between August 7 and 13 and promotes the chemistry of strong communities, appreciating the people the centers serve and showcasing outstanding dedicated staff. Many East Hill staff members have risen to the challenges of the past few years, assisting with screening and vaccination clinics while continuing to provide essential routine and acute health care.

“We not only serve the community, we are part of the community. We are thrilled to be able to have a positive impact on our neighbors,” said CEO and President April Miles.

East Hill Medical Center, comprised of three primary care practices that serve adults and children, a dental practice, and a behavioral health department, serves approximately 8,000 unique patients annually. Considered a federally licensed health center, East Hill must meet or exceed quality goals set by the federal government each year. In addition to direct patient service, East Hill Medical Center brings value to Cayuga County through partnerships, such as an upcoming COVID Immunization Clinic for Children later this month, which is a multi-stakeholder collaboration. community.

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“We look forward to expanding our collaborations to ensure that all residents, whether our patients or not, have access to the quality of life they deserve,” added Miles.

In addition to recognizing the importance of East Hill’s impact in the community and on individuals, National Health Center Week is an opportunity to show appreciation to the more than 60 employees who work there.

On Tuesday, August 9, we invite members of our community to meet staff at the Metcalf location at 144 Genesee St. or the location that houses Summit Pediatrics and Duckett Family Medicine at 13 N. Fulton St. for a walk of 30 minutes to downtown. East Hill Medical Center staff will walk to raise awareness of community health and remind the community that East Hill is here to ensure all residents have access to quality medical services.

Operating for more than five decades, East Hill Medical Center began as a women’s health center in 1970. As times have changed, so has East Hill. After a few name changes and an expansion of offerings, East Hill Medical Center has several service lines. East Hill Medical Center has three primary care offices – Summit Pediatrics for neonates to 18, Adult Medicine Office for 18 and older, and Duckett Family Medicine, 16 and older. The Behavioral Health Service serves patients – adults and children – within these primary care offices to ensure they have access to care in a comfortable setting.

Summit Pediatrics serves as the school physician for several school districts in the county. East Hill Medical Center also has a family dental practice, with a school-based dental program. These rooms work together as part of a federally licensed health center. Community health centers aim to provide services to all populations in the community, regardless of insurance status, income level, or other demographic information that may prevent individuals from seeking the care they need. need. East Hill offers a scalable rebate program and payment plan options for those who qualify to ensure people have access to the care they need. East Hill also offers evening hours to help increase access for those who may have obstacles in their schedules. East Hill also offers nurse triage for patients who call with questions after hours to ensure people have access to care, even at home.

East Hill celebrates Community Health Centers by raising awareness of the services offered and reminding patients that they are a central part of the Community Health Center.

East Hill believes that through a great patient experience, it can help residents of Cayuga County and those in surrounding communities be healthier, Miles added.

For more information, visit our website or contact East Hill at (315) 253-8477.


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