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The New Richmond School Board met on Monday evening April 18th.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dr Neal Melby received the Distinguished Alumni Award he won in 2020 at Monday night’s school board meeting in New Richmond.

Dr Neal Melby received the New Richmond High School Distinguished Alumni Award he won in 2020 at the school board meeting on Monday evening.

“Dr. Melby is a very humble person…You would be hard pressed to find someone who has done as much as he has done in his lifetime for the community of New Richmond, whether as a doctor or as a as a mentor, as a role model, as a father or as a board member. He’s just a wonderful, wonderful person who has done so much for our community and that’s why he was given this honor,” said Principal Tom Wissink.

The New Richmond High School Distinguished Alumni Award was launched in 2019. The purpose of the award is to:

  • To recognize and honor outstanding graduates of New Richmond High School who have excelled in their profession and/or made a significant contribution to their community.

  • Present to students and the public the achievements of graduates who have distinguished themselves as role models.

  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in the selection and recognition of New Richmond High School alumni.

  • Provide students with opportunities to interact with these models.

Excerpt from the plaque given to Dr. Melby on Monday evening.

“Dr. Neal Melby graduated in 1958 from New Richmond High School where the value of learning and the encouragement of his teachers inspired him to continue learning throughout his life. When Dr. Melby had 10 years old, he had a serious farm accident and spent several weeks in the hospital.This experience, coupled with strong encouragement from his parents, especially his mother, prompted Dr. Melby to capitalize on his desire to become After graduating from high school, Dr. Melby earned a pre-medical degree from the University of Wisconsin River Falls and then his medical degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Wisconsin, Class of 1965. He interned at Avera Mckennan Hospital in South Dakota from 1965 to 1966 and practiced medicine on a Native American reservation in Sisseton, SD, before returning to his hometown to practice in 1968.

“Dr. Melby is a rare asset in the medical profession. People typically enter the field with a specialty in mind, such as family medicine, emergency medicine, or surgical medicine. Dr. Melby has successfully held all of these He recognized the need for a surgeon and returned to school to complete his residency in general surgery at LaCrosse Lutheran Hospital from 1977 to 1982.

“For many years, Dr. Melby was the only on-call surgeon with an anesthetist in the area. Together they would visit hospitals in Amery, Baldwin, Grantsburg, Hudson, Osceola, River Falls and St Croix Falls as needed while fulfilling their obligations in New Richmond. Dr. Melby single-handedly covered large swathes of western Wisconsin serving Polk, St Croix, Brunette, and Pierce counties caring for surgical patients.

“His career has been dedicated to caring for the people where he grew up and providing local care to those in need. For nearly 50 years, Dr. Melby served as a family physician, emergency physician, and surgeon, and he performed them all with skill and compassion. He took care of the babies, then their babies and, in some cases, their grandchildren.

  • Board members approved the purchase of a Bobcat UW56 from Tri-State Bobcat for $64,938.49

  • Barb Simon was recognized for her 24 years of service with the New Richmond School District. Simon began her career as a paraprofessional at East Elementary (now Paperjack Elementary) in 1998 and completed her career as a special education paraprofessional at Starr Elementary.

  • Board members approved changes to Policy 5330 – Medication Administration/Emergency Care, which will allow students to carry and self-administer medications authorized in writing by their parents and, where applicable, by their practitioner.

A crowded community hall joined board members in applauding each of the 10 students who shared honors for the Class of 2022 and two students who shared honors as the class salutatorian, as they were recognized on Monday evening.

“You have been through a lot. The past two years have been particularly trying,” Superintendent Patrick Olson said. “I just want to say congratulations on behalf of the board. This is one of our favorite nights to be able to recognize you all and your accomplishments.

The class of 2022 joined a previous class to share the distinction of graduating from 10 class majors.

Valedictorians are rewarded based on the highest GPA during their high school career. All 10 valedictorians had a cumulative GPA of 4.0.

“It’s pretty amazing when you’re the salutatorians and majors of your class. We honor your dedication, perseverance and hard work, all that you have invested in your past four years. We know that success doesn’t come by itself. There are people in this room who love you and have supported you. I’m talking about your parents and family members, your teachers and your mentors who were all involved in this. We’re really proud of you and we know you’re going to do great things,” Principal Tom Wissink said.

The valedictorians for New Richmond High School’s Class of 2022 are Jaclyn Anderson, Olivia Burns, Jacob Doehrmann, Kaisa Engstrom, Carolin Fuchs, Hattie Harrold, Alexander Jarchow, Alanna Knutson, Kaylin Trosen, and Rhea Warner.

New Richmond High School’s Class of 2022 Salutatorians are Cassie Dolezal and Kiera Haugen.

The keepsake keychains each winner received were engraved with the words: “Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me. Class of 2022.


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