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An outpouring of love within the Comox Valley community was evident at a recent celebration of the life of Dr. Bradley Harris, which raised over $12,000 for his favorite charity in the valley.

On April 9 at the Florence Filberg Center, hundreds of beloved friends and family members gathered to pay their respects to Harris with her family.

The Comox Valley family doctor has been brewing beer for charity, launching his own campaign It’s not just beer, it’s love. It was his passion for the community and his contribution that inspired him to organize numerous events and social gatherings, raising over $110,000 for BC Children’s Hospital and YANA (You Are Not Alone). The family honored this spirit with the proceeds of donations during their celebration of life at YANA.

Harris started brewing in January 2012. He and his wife Dennyse first attended the YANA Big Love Benefit in February 2012. That same year in November, their daughter Linden was diagnosed with leukemia and the Harris family became YANA. family.

Dennyse began volunteering for the YANA Kids Clutter Sales and other fundraisers and in May 2016 Brad’s It’s Not Just Beer, It’s Love was born and a $10,000 fundraising goal for YANA and the BC Children’s Hospital was fixed.

The legacy of love and support started by Brad’s “one-barrel garage” transformed into a nano-brewery system that aims to brew the best beers in the world and raise funds at the same time has now raised over $110,000.

Brad left us all wanting to give bigger, feel bigger, and love bigger in life. His celebration of life was a tribute to his generosity and to YANA whom he shared with such passion.

The total between the memorial, donations from the April 16 Brewery, and donations recently received directly in Brad’s memory was $12,770.70.

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